The Aggressor Difference

Aggressor Train Horns



Aggressor is the culmination of all the ideas cooked up by Omega R&D's development team to further drive innovations within the "Aural Herding" industry. Omega's 15+ year legacy in train horn & compressor products has taught us that quality cannot be sacrificed in products that take as much abuse as our horn & compressor kits. Here's a few things you may not realize when considering what brand to hitch your wagon (or well, truck) to!

  • Most of our standard horn models feature chrome plated brass construction
    giving them superior corrosion resistance and superior tone
  • Omega was the original supplier to many of the popular brands today until they
    opted for lower quality components
  • We have a full line of service parts and full time technical support (best in industry)
  • We have specialized in vehicle integration for almost 30 years
  • Our legacy as a leader in vehicle security means our designs always have anti-theft in mind. 

So, be sure to keep checking in with us here as we'll be releasing new models of vehicle specific brackets & horn kits regularly. 

Happy herding!

Term of the day:

Aural Herding [ˈôrəl hərd-ing] verb :
Moving a group of people or animals in a particular direction with the use of sound pertaining to the ear. 

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